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About us

Founded In 2016 and based majorly in the central region particular the Kampala the Capital city of Uganda, EagleCORs is a well trusted CORS service provider In Uganda. The CORS service was founded on the principles of quality, reliable and high performance CORS service that is employed on a number of high precision applications such as Land surveying, Machine Control(Agriculture), Vehicle tracking(Fleet Management), Deformation monitoring, UAV applications, and many more.

Our Services

Spirited Away - FindM
Sub-Meter high precision positioning services
Find Knowledge - FindCM
Centimeter-level high-precision positioning services
Spirited Away - FindMM
Static millimeter high-precision positioning services
Cloud Track - FindS
Location data service
Spirited Away - FindU
Pedestrian enhanced positioning services

Stable, continuous, accurate output of location information

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You Air - FindV
Car enhanced positioning services

Stable, continuous, accurate output of location information

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A-GNSS Accelerated Location Service

Global coverage, fast GNSS, support for A-Compass

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Cloud Track - FindS
Location data service

Our Solutions

High Precision Mobile phone positioning

By combining technologies such as differential algorithms and services, QX-SUPL, Inertial Navigation, network positioning, and artificial intelligence, consumer-grade intelligent terminal positioning capabilities are upgraded to meter-level accuracy

Internet fine Agriculture

Through IoT infrastructure and partners’ programs, fine-grained agriculture planning, implementation, management and linkage of data online.

Deformation Monitoring

The monitored objects such as tilt, settlement and other safety indicators 7×24 hours real-time multi-directional monitoring to protect the lives of the people and property safety.

Share a bike

The use of single frequency RTK + INS combination positioning programs to achieve the precise positioning of vehicles. Mature used in precision logistics, network car, sharing vehicles and other vehicle positioning applications.

Vehicle Positioning

Based on RTK positioning principle, relying on all over the country’s satellite positioning ground enhancement stations, integration of various types of positioning technology, all-weather Internet broadcast centimeter-level high availability service.

Measurent Engineering

Enable UAV precision takeoff and landing and flight. Mature use of UAV logistics and UAV power patrol and other alternative manpower UAV application scenarios.

Our Clients/Partners


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