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An Introduction

Relying on satellite-based ground enhancement stations throughout the country, cloud-integrated monitoring terminals, and post-processing high-precision positioning differential algorithms to provide millimeter-level location computing public services via the Internet, they are used in dilapidated buildings, landslides, dams, and iron towers. Health and safety monitoring of bridges and other structures.
Chihiro location can provide proprietary services that meet the requirements of data security and information security according to the requirements of industry customers.

High cost performance

High cost performance
Relying on Chihiro’s Beidou ground-based enhanced network infrastructure to save the cost of self-built base stations

Based on the Internet of Things cloud computing technology, users do not need to build their own professional server room

Cost-effective cloud-integrated monitoring terminal costs 50% of traditional equipment

High-precision post-processing algorithm

Beidou + GPS + GLONASS multi-satellite system solution to give full play to the advantages of Beidou application

Multi-base station networking, long baseline, multi-arc, multi-frequency data processing capabilities

Supports non-difference and double-difference processing models to meet the requirements of millimeter-level resolution accuracy for different baseline lengths

High concurrency and high reliability

Adopt distributed cloud computing technology to support large-scale user access requests and respond quickly

Flexible expansion to achieve concurrent processing of massive users

Supports multi-source sensor data fusion analysis for more reliable monitoring results

Provide supporting solutions

Cloud integrated monitoring terminal design reference and guidance

Proprietary service output solutions for special security needs

Application scenario

Dangerous-House Monitoring

Dangerous house Monitoring

Land Slide





Wind Tower

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