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  • Accurate logistics positioning solution

    • Realize accurate positioning of logistics vehicles.
    • Accurately determine when a vehicle leaves and arrives in a designated area.
    • Precisely guide the vehicle to the designated parking spot or platform to load and unload cargo.
    • Based on the historical trajectory of the vehicle, the follow-up vehicle is quickly reached to the agreed delivery point.
  • Network about car positioning solution

    • Realize the accurate positioning of the car about the network, to facilitate the platform or passengers to grasp the vehicle position in real time.
    • Determine that the vehicle is parked on the side of the road and optimize the vehicle selection strategy.
    • Even in the basement or tunnel, it can continuously and stably output the precise position of the vehicle, ensuring that the dispatch and mileage statistics are reasonable.
    • According to historical positioning data, accurate statistics of commonly used travel points, guide network car quickly arrive pick up.
  • Shared car location solution

    • Real-time accurate positioning of time-shared rental vehicles can be achieved.
    • Even if the vehicle is parked in a basement or a tunnel, the vehicle can be accurately positioned to guide the passengers or operate and maintain the vehicle quickly.
    • Accurately determine the side of the vehicle parked on the road, guide passengers or operation and maintenance to quickly find the vehicle.
    • Precise positioning of the trajectory and vehicle attitude data helps to analyze the abnormal driving of vehicles or the traceability of traffic accidents.

Application scenario

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